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"Both my kids went to Sofia's daycare almost till they reached Kindergarden. My son Rohan started when he was 1.5 years old and my daughter started since 3 months old. They loved the daycare. They were very well taken care by Sofia and her helpers. They loved Sofia's food much. My kids felt at home in the day care and wouldn't want to come back to their own home. I can only "THANK GOD" for connecting me with Sofia adorable kids were so well loved and well taken care by Sofia & her family."

Lavanya, Rohan and Sasmita's mom
"My daughter Jiya has been going to Sofia's daycare since she was 9 months old. She is 6 years now, and still goes there part time after Kindergarten. I love this place. Its a home away from home for Jiya. My main requirements were that my child should be fed well, and cared for as she would at home. Sophia is excellent in making sure that the child is fed well. She provides a wonderful nurturing environment for the kids. She even drops off Jiya to Kindergarten and makes arrangements to pick her up. I highly recommend this place."

Meena, Jiya's mom
"We have known Sofia for few years. Our older daughter started going to Sofia when she was 2 and our younger son started when he was 1. For the younger one we did not even have to look anywhere else because we were so comfortable with Sofia's daycare. She and her staff are all very caring and both my kids love Sofia and enjoy going there. We have referred several of our friends to Sofia's daycare and everyone has been very statisfied with the way she handles kids. We have seen that even kids who have so called "stranger anxiety" adjust pretty well and soon at Sofia's place since she makes special efforts to make them feel at home. Thanks Sofia for your caring attitude!"

Sashi and Sudha, Saachi and Sidhant's parents
"I love the fact that I don't have to worry that she is cared for in the manner that we want."

Jodie, Addison's mom
"My daughter Lilah is 14 months old. Sofia has been taking care of her since she was 5 months old. It was hard leaving Lilah at such an early age. After a week or two, I felt confident that Lilah was taken care of. She always has a clean diaper when I pick her up and she makes sure she's fed for the ride home. On a daily basis Sofia tells me about Lilah's day. Although this is a business, I feel Sofia and her staff take a personal interest in the children. I am glad I was able to find a daycare that Lilah and I both like."

Karyn, Lilah's mom
"I've had both of my children at Sofia's from 8 months-24 months, then they went to school. Sofia is very loving with the children, especially the babies. She somehow manages to keep track of eating, pooping and naps and gives me a report each time I pick them up. I really appreciate how flexible she is, often I call her a few days before to see if she can take one of the kids for a few hours. Her staff are very sweet with the children and she has a nice family. Both of my girls enjoy their time at Sofias and are NEVER bored!"

Amanda, Natasha and Lilia's mom
"Our second daughter Sahana was taken care of by Sofia with as much care and affection as a mother would. Sofia and her wonderful staff took care of Sahana from the time she was 3 months old until she was ready for Montessori. Sofia is a wonderful caregiver who is always prepared with supplies if we forgot to replenish them in time, took care to see that the youngest ones slept undisturbed in a quiet room, ensured that kids had their meal, snacks and milk on time, and accommodated the kids' and their parents' last minute changing schedules. The most memorable thing is the smile and cheerfulness of all her staff, that we are sure makes the kids feel very comfortable even when parents/guardians are away for more than 8 hours. Her house is in a quiet, safe neighborhood, spacious for children to play, and has a lovely backyard which we have seen kids enjoy thoroughly. On weekends and weekday evenings when we had to go out and leave the kids somewhere, both our daughters used to be eager to go to Sofia's and have a play date with her sweet kids who are always full of joy. Sofia, we will always remember you and Banapsha, your caring staff and your lovely husband Mukhtar for taking care of our kids. You are all amazing, and nearly a year after migrating to India we still miss you very much! Under your care Sahana has grown to be bold, brave and extroverted and brings joy to those around here. We wish you and your daycare the best."

Sandhya and Govind, Sahana and Kritika's parents